Monday, 16 November 2015

my three animal drawing

assalamualaikum :)

a month after my besday means a month after a zoo trip.and now i want to show my drawing after a month!..hahaaa..actually im a little bit lazy to capture my drawing's picture but this morning i have a different spirit that makes me don't fall asleep after my subuh prayer..hohooo..LOL sebenanya tahan tak mo tido..i feel like i want to do my work while listening a song..oh!my favourite song now is fight gile weii

so i choose to draw a camel,butterfly and a giraffe

cane ok ke idok?

when i see my drawing.i feel like all this drawing was a kids drawing standard or below than that?ohmayy..i learned to colour that butterfly and draw a grass from youtube.kalau nak ikutkan aku buat sendiri lagi buruk dari tu..huhuuu..but guys!i want to buy a faber castell colour pencil with the green box but is to expensive T-T.the quality is number one for sure..butt..i will grab it one dayy..aku dah usha lame dah kaler tuu..weii..yang kecik pun 70 lebih caneeee...huh

okay tu jelah kot..nak buat keje apa pulak lepas ni aeeh?
padahal melambak keje..arghh stresss! hiks

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